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Inner circulation heat shrinkable packaging machine

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  • JY-BSN4020SL



Machine size: 1600*560*660mm

Product size:200*150mm

Thermal contraction channel size:1200*400*200mm

Conveying speed:0-15m/min

Conveying material: Chain stick

Conveying load: 10kg

Packaging film material:POF/POC

Total weight: 80kg

Power: 9kw

Power supply: 380V  50-60Hz  

Technical characteristics

1. The appearance and structure shall be designed according to national standards, and the fuselage shall be made of fingerprint resistant plate and sprayed with plastic.

2. The control panel adopts a programming system, with 12V DC input, key on/off and numerical control display.

3. 24V DC reduction motor is used for transmission, and frequency conversion technology is used for speed regulation, with 0-9 gears for adjustment.

4. Three types of conveyor belt can be selected: steel mesh belt, chain rod and Teflon mesh belt.

5. 220V 600W far infrared quartz heating tube is used for heating.

6. High precision intelligent temperature controller system is adopted for temperature control, and the upper and lower temperatures are adjusted independently.

7. 220V 60W 2200 long shaft motor equipped with wind wheel is used for hot air circulation.

8. The foot stand is detachable, and the height of the foot stand is adjustable.

9. The elongated packaging is more perfect, efficient and energy-saving.


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