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Full automatic vertical heat shrinkable film sealing and cutting machine

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  • JY-CZL450A



Packing speed:0-35bags/min

Maximum package size: L+H≤500mm(H<160mm)

Maximum package size W+H(H<150mm):W <350mm H<400mm (H<160mm)

Sealing knife size:570*470mm

Machine size: 1800*900*1500mm

Packaging film material:POF/PE

Air source:6.0-8.0kgf/cm²

Total weight: 350kg

Power: 1.5kw

Power supply: 220V  50-60Hz  

Technical characteristics

The full-automatic vertical sealing and cutting machine can be used to carry out full-automatic online shrink packaging for products. Photoelectric detection can be used to automatically detect products. Two modes of automatic feeding and manual feeding can be selected. The folding film can be used and the other three sides can be sealed. The constant temperature heating sealing and cutting system can be used to seal and cut PE/POF and other industrial standard heat sealing films. The sealing is firm and beautiful, especially suitable for POF sealing and cutting as well as PE film express bag packaging. When changing the size of the product, it also needs simple adjustment through the handwheel, without replacing any parts, which reduces the product replacement time and makes it easier to operate. The front end feeding system with adjustable speed and the storage working platform at the rear end enable the whole machine to operate at a high speed and automatically without people.


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