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Automatic Soft Candy Pillow Packaging Machine

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  • JY-ZB1200


Automatic feeding soft candy pillow packing machine


Packing speed: 50-1200bags/min

Dimension: 2450*1300*1600mm

Total weight: 800kg

Total power: 4.5kw

Power source: 220V  50Hz

Finish bag size:45-80mm


This machine is used for packing candy,chocolate and other solid products.

Performance Characteristics

1. Three servo touch screen control system.

2. With super feeding plate, feeding better and less empty package.

3. The structural design is durable, and the single part of the machine can be operated independently, which is convenient for maintenance and debugging.

4. You can choose vibrator and stainless steel construction for your options.

5. High speed, work stable, low noise, nice package, good seal and the products can keep for long time.

6.With double paper rollers and can equip paper splicer system, the wrapping paper can be used continuously without stop.

Packaging pictures:

  ZB1200-1       ZB900-水果软糖 ZB1200T-1


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