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Automatic Feeding Top Twist Packaging Machine

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  • JY-SC400DN

Main Technical Parameter:

Capacity:240-300 Grains/Min

Product Size:(15~55) x (5~35) x (4~25) mm (length x width x height)

Packing Material:Twist packaging film PET

Outside diameter of roll with film:Maximum 310 mm

Size of bobbin core:73-75 mm

Dimensions of Packing Machine:3000X1300X1420mm(length x width x height)

Dimensions of Feeding Machine:3000X850X800mm(length x width x height)

Net Weight:2300kg

 Power Supply:5.5Kw/380V/3P

Bleed Pressure:0.6MPa

Function and Characteristics

1. The machine is designed for allocating,feeding, and packing irregular shaped chocolates/hard candies/pressed sugar/tea automatically. It adopts the packing form of folding on the bottom and twisting on the top.SC-400DN ensures the packaging fits tightly and folding angels seem symmetrical and clear.

2. Accurate high-speed CAM mechanism and rational machinery design increase the precision, stability, and

productivity of the machine.

3. Equipped with Panasonic Servo System,PLC(Programmable Logic Controller),multi-station sensor control system, the machine can supply double layer paper, correct the paper lengths, stop paper delivery with no sugar, position colorful trademarks and thus improve yields.

4.The Panasonic touch screen display in Chinese and English, achieves human computer interaction and provides easy way to operate such as set the parameters.

5. Equipped with high-speed automatic feeding transmission line, the machine can directly butt to casting machine and feeder machine, achieving fully automatic.

6.Automatic alarm for abnormality is designed for convenient use and easy maintenance.


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